Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Stolen children

Call it what it is—concentration camps to hold the stolen children. The announcement came last night that Trump has authorized the building of tent cities to house the almost 11,000 children taken from their parents at the border, and held in cages in warehouses. The majority of their families had presented themselves at the border legally seeking asylum. I lay awake in the hours before dawn this morning, my brain reeling. How can this be happening? How it is that I feel so helpless to affect the course of these events? We are all watching the heartless destruction of families for reasons of hatred and spite. What comes next? What further atrocities will Trump and his ICE gestapo visit on this nation, on this world?

Invisigal shared a website listing suggested actions here.


  1. I wish I knew - what could be done. It would be nice if the mainstream media would spend less time reporting on the president's tweets and more time on what ICE is doing. This is kidnapping, applying for asylum is not a crime and they have no right to be doing this. Recently they kidnapped a 4 month old child. Who will care for that baby?

  2. I signed the petition. I called my representatives. Now what? This is absolutely not to be acceptable in the United States of America.

  3. Thank you, I used the links, signed. Weeping the entire time of course, Horror, evil horror

  4. Absolutely horrifying. Is it any wonder he admires cruel authoritarian leaders and reviles decent ones? It's so hard not to be depressed about all the evil happening.

  5. I have been busy reading since your other post on this atrocity ... this is pure and simple blackmail using families, especially children, as currency. It's unbelievable. I just started wondering tonight why there couldn't be a march on the capital similar to the women's march in 2017. I wonder if it could accomplish anything at all.