Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"Tender age" camps

Rachel Maddow broke down in tears trying to report on a just breaking AP news story that the government is holding hundreds of babies in three or more secret "tender age" internment camps in South Texas.

Reporters are in tears.

There is no system in place to track parents and children for reunification. Families will be broken forever.

The Trump administration is very happy with all of this. It is being reported that our consternation and outrage have them clapping their hands in glee.

Auschwitz began as a detention camp. This is not intended to be inflammatory. This is a fact.


  1. Is this finally the moment when even the republicans and their Christian enablers understand that trump is evil?

  2. Just to clarify, tender age is defined as under 13.

    Still doesn't make it right.

  3. Further to my previous comment, confusingly, in the same article, "tender age" is said to have been defined as 12 and under by some agencies and 5 and under by others. Cripes.

    Anyway, that doesn't change the inhumanity of it all. Even at 13, children need their parents. The push back on this has been incredible from both political parties. I hope something gives soon, in a good way. And even if it does, as you asked: how do they reunite those families?

  4. We had Japanese internment camps.

  5. And here's another thing- just the fact that these camps are in place so quickly tells the truth that this administration has been planning this for some time.
    We have to stop this. We have to.

  6. What's happening to these children cannot be undone. I can only hope that this will spur the change that is necessary and finally tip the scales to justice. We must march and make our voices heard. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  7. Oh my God. This story gets more and more outrageous and appalling. I read today in the newspaper that even Republicans are trying to put an end to this mess, but Trump isn't having it.

  8. Please please be aware that this is not the start of fascism. You are way into it. Ask any scholar.
    While I truly hope for you that voting can bring change, be aware that we all across the globe need to get ready to fight this monster. Whether you call it populist or call it fascist.

  9. Here is my attempt at an open letter to the U.S. government - I am trying to spread it a far and wide as possible:


    As a German citizen and mother of two children with Jewish roots I am deeply concerned about the immigration „policy“ currently practiced by the United States of America.

    Some 80 years ago my children would have been placed in a McAllen-like institution.

    Although we are not part of your constituency, my children and I put our faith in you to try and do your utmost to put an end to a policy that ist “nothing short of torture” (cf. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2018/06/usa-family-separation-torture/).

    Some 80 years ago the lights went out over Europe. Do not let them go out over your country now.

    Yours sincerely

    Anne Rüsing with S.P. (13) and B.P. (10)"

  10. It is appalling, these precious ones aren't being tracked as well as luggage would be at an airport! Illegal immigration is a misdemeanor, since when is the penalty for a misdemeanor the destruction of one's Family and the taking away of one's Children! These Children will have the baggage of what has happened to them deeply embedded, so even IF reunification happens, damage has been done. Yes, many of History's atrocities began in such a fashion, History is doomed to repeat itself if people do not learn from the Past and insist it never happen again, EVER!