Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes from the Front

Our daughter called yesterday from South Africa. She said the kids she is working with in the two township schools are "adorable," she is "ecstatic" about being there, and she thinks the experience will turn out to be "life-changing." Oh, yes.

On the job front, so far so good with the new boss. She will have her work cut out for her in that she is dealing with a staff that is essentially suffering from a kind of post-traumatic stress syndrome, people who have learned to take nothing at face value. Still, when I went home last night, I called my mom and I heard myself saying, "For the first time in five years I do not feel as if I will be fired tomorrow." The truth is, I hesitate to even claim that thought. As I said, we're in recovery. But now one hears laughter from different corners of the floor, and people seem to be walking with a lighter step.

And even though it's still cold as the Arctic outside, it kind of feels like spring.


  1. Such good news. At least, it sure seems to be.

  2. Nice to hear good news on all your fronts.

  3. Fabulous news all around, my friend!!
    Sending love ~

  4. It's always a relief to have good news from the front.

  5. It makes such a difference when the tension eases, the worry lifts. Wishing for more of the same. xo

  6. Dearest Mary Moon (for some reason I like calling you that!), it appears to be good. fingers crossed that it stays. love to you.

    Tess, thank you!

    Gabriele, sending love to you, too, my dear friend.

    Gary, yes, indeed.

    Marylinn, that's a good wish! thank you.