Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wild Hearts

My son, who badly rolled his ankle last week, keeping him out of his division's regional track and field championships, had his follow up appointment with the sports doctor today. I just got this text from him: No fx. Might be able to run by the week after spring break if all goes well.

I gather "fx" is shorthand for fracture in sports world, and he seems to have dodged that fate. That's me you hear giving the long exhale.

Oh yes, all the college kids are coming home for spring break by the end of this week. My son, a college friend of his who lives overseas, and my niece will be staying in our home. My son's best friend, who lives across the courtyard from us, will also probably be hanging out in our living room, and there will no doubt be other various and sundry young people roaming in and out all week.

As much as the house will be turned upside down, and as much as our daughter cannot afford to be distracted from school work, I do enjoy such times. Let the wild rumpus start!

Illustration from Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are


  1. yep. you will miss this when it's gone.

  2. And your grocery bill will suddenly increase dramatically! And it will be lovely.

  3. Oh it's going to be so good isn't it? Lots of kids in the home cleaning out the pantry equals happy!

    So glad your boy does not have a fracture.

  4. Good news, and something to look forward to! I'm glad for you :)

  5. so glad there was no fracture.

    It doesn't surprise me that so many feel welcomed in your heart.
    I do .

  6. "Let the wild rumpus start" is a favorite saying at WM. The kids loved that book. The phrase stuck. Enjoy!

  7. Ha! How I love that line (and book and movie!). Eat it up! ; )

  8. I envy you your upcoming rumpus! One of the things I miss most, now that my kids no longer live with me, is the energy and joyful life they and their friends brought to the house. And great news on the ankle!

  9. i would not be surprised that your home will always be the home they will come to, the ones who live too far away to go home for Thanksgiving; the lonely ones; the hungry ones. i was often one of those, when i was young and first lived in NYC; there were good women like you whose kids took me home...and i treasure those glimpses at a 'real' family.

  10. I'm sorry about your son.
    I really love that book!

  11. Kristin, it is already half gone with one child already in college, so i cherish those interludes when the whole gang, new members and old, descends once again!

    Ms. Moon, the grocery bill has already spiked just in preparation!

    Rotton Mom (so can i confess i have a hard time referring to you as Rotton Mom because you are soooo not!), yes it's all happy, especially now we know there is no fracture!

    ellen, good news for sure. He's healing at an amazing rate, too.

    Elizabeth, fun, fun, fun. But I'm still glad I have a bedroom with a door!

    deb, i would much rather them be making a mess in our home than not know where they are. and the activity is all so goofy and innocent, really. yet when they are out of sight, the imagination can go haywire. so yes. they are welcome.

    Tess, it is a marvelous phrase. I couldn't recall whether the original is "let the wild rumpus START" or "let the wild rumpus BEGIN." do you know which is more correct?

    Jayne, welcome! I am off to visit your site and get to know you more. Thanks for commenting!

    T. Clear, kids do have a certain joie de vivre. I miss it when they all go back to college, or scatter to their summer jobs. Times like spring break, if they choose to come home, are the best.

  12. susan t, i feel sad knowing what it was like for you back then. i hope that if there are young ones feeling as you did, that they will know my door and my arms are open. i think my children know, so i trust they will bring them home.

    Olga, no need to be sorry any more, i think (hope). He doesn't have a fracture and he seems to be healing well. So long as he doesn't stress the ankle by doing too much too soon. He is wearing one of the protective boots that immobilize the foot so he should be okay.

  13. I'm late to the party but just want to add that I'm so glad your son's ankle will heal up soon.

    Your houseful sounds terrific, have fun Angella.

    And I love the Sendak you illustrate with.