Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Fear

I have a new boss, who started yesterday, a woman with a calm and measured demeanor. But there's no time to post today, so I'll just put up this photo of my girl at the start of her first week long school trip to the farm. I'm struck by her expression, which is the same one I see whenever she gets ready to embark on a new adventure. Sweet anticipation. Open-heartedness. No fear. She's my guru.


  1. There is much and great blessing to be discovered when we realize that our children are quite capable and responsible people on their own in this world.
    Okay, we never QUITE believe it, but even the smallest faith in it is wonderful.
    Rest easy, Mama.

  2. I recognized that face! Gorgeous then, gorgeous now!
    And, you're right, no fear in that sweet little face.
    You've taught her well!
    Sending love ~

  3. I love that picture. What a beautiful girl.

  4. And a lovely guru she is:) Our children teach us so very much.

  5. Love this photo of your lovely daughter. What a gift she is.

  6. This is a great way to begin a journey and hopefully an attitude that stays along the path as well. Your children are lovely.

  7. Would that we could always be that fearless as we set out for situations unknown!

    Wishing you harmony with your new boss...

  8. She is radiant! You are a lucky Mama.
    Hope all is well with the new boss.

  9. she really reminds me of one of my grandaughters who even had a hat like that.

  10. now that's a guru I might follow somewhere.

    i just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful light you shine on this world. Because you refuse to ignore the darkness and pain inherent here, we can trust you when you point out the goodness that is also at all times everywhere.

    Probably everyone has a kind of light like yours. It's just rarely on, or something. I don't know.

    I do know that yours brings warmth and love to all the dark corners, where it does the most good.



  11. Ms. Moon, your words to my imaginary friend's ear!

    Gabriele, i think she does most of the teaching!

    Dierdre, thank you dear friend.

    Debra W, you are so right, they do indeed.

    Megalis mom, she is a gift, as is your beautiful daughter!

    Gary, thank you. She traveled two days before i embarked on new phase in my own life, and I very consciously adopted her attitude for my own journey! it was helpful.

    Deborah, you have been here long enough to know the layers of the story with the new boss! Thanks for the good wish and love to you and Ron.

    Elizabeth, thank you, sweet woman.

    Mel, I am a lucky mama! Thanks for the good thought!

    Kristin, looking at your beautiful family pictures, I can see she could be one of yours!

    Scott, you have no idea how much i love seeing you here. thanks for the kind comment. would that it were always so. i'm struggling, just like the rest of us, but the fact that friends like you come around makes all the difference.


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