Saturday, March 19, 2011

World Traveler

And she's off. We are just back from the airport. Our girl is once again headed to the other side of the world. She finished packing well after midnight, after our dinner as a family at Max Brenner to celebrate her birthday. She's sleep deprived from that and a week of over-the-top homework, but she's good. She didn't look or seem one bit sick this morning. She knocked that cold out, probably from laughing all day yesterday because the weather smelled like summer, she said. Now she's settling down for a twenty hour flight to South Africa with eight kids and as many teachers. She will turn 17 while she's there. And she will teach township schoolchildren photography and dance and other arts every day for two weeks. And she will have experiences. She hugged us goodbye at the airport and patted our backs to comfort us, then she turned towards that gate, purple knapsack slung over one shoulder, sunglasses on top of her head, and she was ready. The photo above was taken in Rome, during her summer in Italy last year. She had the same demeanor about her this morning. Making sure we're okay, but eager to get on with the adventure. Look out world.


  1. I have chills reading this, wonderful human you have there. Safe travels beautiful girl.

  2. What a special young lady you've raised. (And son.)
    You'll miss her terribly, but you must be so very proud!
    What a wonderful experience for her. I'm glad she's feeling better.
    Sending love, my friend ~

  3. "She will have experiences" -- this made me sigh and smile. While I wouldn't go back, it's hard not to envy that time in one's life, that beauty. I wish her safe and exciting travels!

  4. I'm going to miss her. I hope she sends me a post card.

  5. We are called, I believe, to assignments we may not fully comprehend, yet know we are there for a reason. She is an ambassador of limitless possibility. With her beautiful willingness and excitement, we can only imagine the gifts she will bring. xo

  6. (Not) Rotten Mom, thank you! especially for the safe travels wish.

    Gabriele, i'm glad she's better, too. these young ones are so much more resilient than we give them credit for!

    Elizabeth, yes, it does make me think back the when life felt this free, but to tell the truth, she is roaming farther afield than I ever did! thank you for the good wishes!

    Rebecca, you never know! (you made me laugh, lady)

    Marylinn, i was in a restaurant with a friend when your comment came in and i read it on my blackberry and it brought tears to my eyes. an ambassador of limitless possibility. what a wonderful thought for her! thank you.

  7. what a marvelous experience.

    safe travels to your lovely daughter....ah, the stories she will return home with!!

  8. I know the feeling, Angella. You gave her the wings. Now just watch as she tests them out...


  9. kimy, looking forward to the stories! hugs, dear friend.

    Debra W, I would like to give myself credit, but the truth is, she came here with her own wings strong and ready! love to you.