Monday, March 21, 2011


Tuck shop sign in my little island.
"Credit allowed to person's over 75 yrs
accompanied by a great grand parent."
Only in Jamaica.


  1. Oh, how funny!

    You have a wonderful place here! I love all the family history and old pics. Too wonderful!

  2. I am wondering if I would qualify. I am a GREAT grandmother, you know.

  3. Deb, me too!

    Tess, it touched my funny bone, i admit.

    Misha, thanks for commenting! nice to see you.

  4. Oh, Ms Moon, that you surely are! But are you a great grandmother to a person who is over 75 years old? I guess you could adopt such a person and then you would be allowed credit for your limeade!

  5. ohhh, i thought it said over 15 and i was thinking there are people out there who could qualify. but 75, i don't think so. LOL.

  6. Oh my gosh! That is SO funny!! Brought a big smile to my face!!
    As does your friendship!!
    Sending love ~

  7. i love homemade signs, too! this is especially good because it is clever and good-natured.
    as a fellow editor and wordsmith, i admire your restraint in copying the words and not correcting the punctuation!

  8. Absurd humor...we could use a lot more of it. xo