Sunday, March 6, 2011

Justice for Henry

Katie Granju, whose son Henry sustained massive brain and heart injuries in a parking-lot assault compounded by a drug overdose, has been fighting since the day Henry was brought to the hospital bleeding and brutalized, to get local authorities to properly investigate what happened to her son. A month later, Henry died of his injuries. Now, after months of official inaction and apparent obfuscation, Katie is telling the whole story of what transpired over at her blog,

Henry's story broke my heart when I first became aware of it. Katie Granju's firstborn arrived on this earth three days after my own son, and that made what his mother was going through so immediate for me—there but for the grace of God. What has happened since is just unfathomable. After Henry's family recovered his cell phone containing texts that explained what had unfolded, for example, officials refused to even look at the texts, saying it was unnecessary for them to follow up on the leads provided. They declined to speak to people Henry had texted in the hours before his assault, they neglected to interview Henry before his death, and they never met with his family after it.

His mother now feels she has no choice put the put everything she knows in the public domain. Please stop by Katie's blog and leave a comment. It will help focus attention to the stalled investigation and on the exploding national epidemic of children being lost to addiction to pain pills and other street opiates. And it will hopefully bring justice for Henry.


  1. I'm so glad you did this post. We are all in this life together. xoxo

  2. What an appalling story, Angella. It shakes one to the core, even those of us who don't have children. I'll go to her blog and leave a note. Thank you for telling us about this tragedy.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, hoping that Henry gets justice, and I am well. I do stop by your blog everyday, your words have a way of soothing me, of giving me hope. Take care.

  4. Maggie May is right... and we are our brother's keepers, we have to be. What befalls one touches us all. Thank you for the post. I will go and leave a comment.

  5. I first read about Henry through you. And the other day, as I was watching the news, there was his beloved mom, fighting the good fight, for her son on TV. My heart broke for her as it still does. I will pay her another visit and let her know that she is not alone in her battle. There are many, many mothers standing strong behind her.


  6. Dear friends, please keep going by Katie's blog and leaving comments. There is now some movement towards reopening the investigation into Henry's death so your concern is having a positive effect.