Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Giddy in The Giddy House

"This lopsided building is called “The Giddy House.” It was built in 1888 and was the old Royal Artillery Store for the Victoria Battery at Port Royal. The Earthquake of 1907 shifted it to its present 45 degree angle. On entering the building, people often feel a strange sensation of being giddy or off balance, caused by the building’s tilt—hence its name...." —Jamaica National Heritage Trust

I'm feeling a little tilted and off balance myself and I'm just going to go with it, see where it leads. Those laughing full-of-joy young women are my totem for today. I have, count them, four meetings, not all work related, but all life related. Bring 'em on.

1 comment:

  1. Four meetings? I would die! Die I tell you! I am in awe of you, dear woman.
    Love your giddy girls in front of the giddy house. In fact, I love the word "giddy" itself and hope to remember what it feels like one of these days.