Saturday, January 18, 2014

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

She went and got her hair did this morning, then bought home a pizza pie so she could enjoy her last taste of a New York slice before heading back to the tundra tomorrow. It's been minus degrees where she goes to school, with thigh deep snow. After lunch, she put her clothes together to do her laundry, and since she's leaving tomorrow, she didn't have to ask me twice if I would keep her company in the laundry room. Of course her phone traveled with her, as all her friends are in feverish contact with one another in anticipation of tomorrow's reunion back at school. That's her in our elevator, fielding a text (and me snapping a picture. My phone came along for the ride, too). Now she's about to bake snickerdoodle cookies as part of someone's promised Xmas gift, and tomorrow morning at six we will drive her to her friend's house in New Jersey so she can travel back to school with her and others in that friend's car. She seems very happy and excited to be going back to school. I think this is good thing. Definitely amore. All around.


  1. You probably know how much I love this. And how much I love you. I can hear your voice now. It is a sweet music in my heart.

  2. Your daughter is simply gorgeous in the most natural of ways. Sweet Jo

  3. She has come home and refueled so she can go out into the world and continue to make magic. Awesome that she has such a wonderful refueling station. You'll do fine tomorrow. I just know it. Hugs

  4. wonderful 'snapshot' of the return to school scene...and great that she is happy to be going back. it's a tribute to her parents, that she and her brother can feel joy and excitement both in returning home and the leaving of it. my son is up there (where your daughter goes to school) this weekend; he called from a mall, shopping because he needed a warmer jacket... :)

  5. I feel breathless reading this as I do around my own daughter sometimes. The feverish and constant communication. They seem to be on this "other plane" entirely. Well, not seem to be, they are. A world I used to inhabit but that now seems like it happened to someone else.
    I moved my fridge magnet into my home on wheels this morning. It says..."At last she had awakened from the nightmare of youth" Comic relief for the road.