Sunday, January 12, 2014

Randoms from Jamaica

Guiness Book of World Records 2013

Third morning, Mom and the sleeping beauty

My nephew is so like my brother at this age

"Aren't you going to greet me?"

Wheelbarrow and blue rake

Pool patio

Blue water

"Grandma, let's take a selfie!"

Rain on the hills

Port Royal pirate lore

Giddy House, tilted by the 1906 earthquake

My cousin at Aunt Merl's at Hellshire

Lipstick beauties

Uncle Roy at 17

My brother and cousin

"What did you say Grandma?"

Palms and blue sky

Paddington Terrace sisterhood

Lobster bake

The clear blue Caribbean


  1. "Grandma, let's take a selfie!"...That made me laugh!

    Your mom, how full her heart must be.

  2. All of these are so beautiful- your eye is incredible- but the one of the rain on the hills mesmerizes me. I could stare at it for hours.
    It's so odd. I feel almost a sense of familiarity for all of these shots.
    I'm glad you're home but I am so glad you went. Thank you for taking us with you, in a way. In this way.

  3. There is almost nothing better than a house full of generations of cousins. You all are beautiful. And that's a beautiful you in that photo too.

  4. Beautiful, every last one of them.