Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art of the Possible

Start by doing what's necessary, 
then do what's possible, and suddenly 
you are doing the impossible. 

—Francis of Assisi

Of course, I'm quoting the saint who venerated poverty above all else, so that might not really be helpful. On the other hand, they say whatever you need, give that, so living with an open hand may be just the way to ensure that money worries won't come to stay. In any case, faith is the thing. Faith that we will be protected, that we will have what we need, that we will be able to provide for our loved ones. St. Francis of Assisi was Italian born. The photo above is of my daughter in Italy last summer, looking into her little red wallet with an expression of perfect faith that what she is seeking will be found there. This is my lesson for today. 


  1. Faith seems to be the lesson for most days, that what we need will come to light.

  2. Angella, I am running so far behind but I want you to know I am reading and I am grateful for your voice and for your sharing of tears and worry and faith.
    And I am so glad to have found you.

  3. I identify with these words. I think it is very important to do something with faith. Don't wait till the right moment. Don't hesitate.
    Your daughter is very beautiful.

  4. Maryllinn, you're so right. thank you.

    Tess, it is always good to see you here.

    deb, i do believe some people are in our lives to help us learn necessary lessons. my daughter is one such person for me.

    Ms. Moon, I am glad to have found you too. I feel your support, even unspoken. thank you!

    Olga, thanks for the kind words about my girl. She is beautiful inside and out. And I agree with what you say about putting faith into action. thanks for being here.

  5. I'm not sure about the St Francis discussion - but that is a strikingly beautiful photograph.