Friday, January 7, 2011

Girls Night

With my husband and son away in Antigua, my daughter and I have enjoyed what felt like a week long slumber party. As soon as I got home from work each night my girl would inveigle me into a game of Family Feud Fast Money, the latest Facebook craze at her school. We would lie side by side on my bed and put our heads together to play rounds of the game, laughing at the silliness of our answers and other people's answers as we racked up points and virtual money for her and her friends (don't ask, I don't really understand how the community part of the game works). Then when the free rounds were done and the computer began asking us to buy the next rounds, we'd retire for the night, and lie head to head on the pillows, talking about everything, dropping stories and confidences, the convo flowing anywhere it pleased. After a while we would decide we were hungry and head to the kitchen to make dinner. The first night, we looked at each other and said, "Doesn't this feel just like a girls' sleepover?"

My girl would then set up to do her homework at the kitchen counter while we cooked dinner—okay, while she cooked. She likes doing it more than I do. She was on her laptop at the counter, books and papers spread around her, the pot boiling with meatless chili or pasta and some delicious sauce behind her, while I was a few feet away on my laptop in the living room, adding up columns and columns of numbers for our audit next week. At some point we'd break for dinner. Later, we'd watch our taped shows, Top Chef, Modern Family, Gray's Anatomy, both of us wrapped in blankets. Eventually we would start to nod off, and then we would pad down the hallway trailing our blankets to get ready for bed. She slept next to me each night. Before turning out the lights we would carefully check and recheck our phone alarms since we were flying without a net this week, meaning my husband wasn't there to make sure we awoke on time. He does that for us every single day.

Speaking of flying, my husband and son are up in the air right now, on their way back to a city that is softly being blanketed by snow. I hope their plane lands before the worst of it. During the last snowstorm, all the airports closed down and flights were diverted everywhere. I hope their travel day is simpler than that. Excited to see them!


  1. This sounds precious and perfect. As much as we love our men, it is sometimes magical for it to be all women.
    I hope the men make it home safely and easily and I know they will be welcomed with open, loving arms.

  2. This sounds ideal.
    And did you add the photo?
    I read this earlier without a chance to comment.
    It's as warm as your words and heart.

  3. oh, and of course I hope they make it home before the mess.
    My husband just flew in yet again , it's always a bit of a worry.
    Schedules get all turned upside down etc.

  4. how wonderful!! i love blankets and talk and good tv :)

  5. This is so sweet.I love those special times with my only daughter.

    Safe travels to the men.

  6. dear Angella, what a warm and moving post--you are so lucky to have such a daughter, as she is lucky to have you. What a wonderful week you had, one you'll both always remember. Lovely.

  7. Well, the men are home, safe and sound, with stories. We are all together again for a hot minute before my son returns to college in two days. Cherish.

    And yes, daughters are special beings. I am lucky indeed. I know it and don't take it for granted.

  8. I'm hoping that I can learn to be a good mother (when I have kids) from others. I had a bad mother and I have a stepmom (that I do consider my mom) who lacks a lot in the mothering field (with me and my sis, her biological daughter). I love her, she loves me, but I don't want to be like her.
    Reading you... I yearn for that one day.

  9. Your girls time sounds so lovely, Angella. :)

    Glad your men made it home safely, too.

  10. awwww...this brings me back. i always love mother daughter days when i was growing up. even though it was only ever just he two fo us, i liked when we made it official and made a day of it, with no friends and family. Just us.

  11. Miss A, when I had children I realized that my parents were doing the best they could, and i felt such gratitude toward them for trying so hard. our children know our intent, even when our actions fall short. don't worry. your intent in beautiful and true.

    ellen, yes and yes. love to you, dear friend.

    Candice, I could kind of see that bond between you when I met your mom. It is such a special thing to share. We are lucky!