Sunday, January 23, 2011

Above the Bar

That's my son at a track meet this weekend. The camera caught him just before the snap, the sharp straight kick out and up of his legs that propels him over the six-foot-and-a-half-inch bar. It still astonishes me that he can do this.

What faith high jumpers must have in their ability to land when they take off flying, hurling themselves backward over a great height, trusting body knowledge, harnessing will and sinew to do their bidding, to remind their souls that they have always known how to soar.



  1. That's your BABY BOY!
    Stunning beauty.

  2. WOW!
    Excellent photo, excellent boy!

  3. The Fosbury Flop. Still a thrill to see since Dick Fosbury popularised it in the 1968 Summer Olymics.

    Six and a half feet!! Why that boy can jump right over his Daddy's head.

  4. I never cease to be amazed at how amazing your kids are. You are so blessed!

  5. Elizabeth, yes!

    Ms. Moon, my BABY BOY. Hard to believe.

    RottenMom, i stole the photo right off his Facebook page as soon as it appeared. I'm shameless. (I did go back and get permission.)

    Bruce, thanks for educating me! And yes, he could jump right over his dad, if his dad would let him. There is a lot of trash talking around that!

    koshercritter, i AM blessed, but you are also very kind. nice to see you.

  6. Utterly breathtaking! And you, the proud Mama.

  7. That is AMAZING! Simply amazing. What makes our children believe that they can do the unbelievable??? You have done good, Angella:)

    Big hugs,

  8. Kathleen, with your star athlete, you know the feeling i am sure!

    Debra W, what indeed? I am glad they think they can, though, because then they do!


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