Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before the Curtain

I have no words that will fully express what it was like to watch our children perform the stunning choreography they they themselves created and staged, with the help of their two dance teachers. It was one of those moments when my heart just swelled and my throat filled up and tears of immense joy and gratitude for the power and glory of these children brimmed over. There are really no words that will do the evening justice so I won't even try. Here are a couple of backstage moments instead, which I think capture the engagement and camaraderie of the dancers. I chose photos that include several of my daughter's best high school friends. My sweet girl is the one in black leotard with face painted in the middle of the group on the right. In the next post are photos from the performance.


  1. Lady- You are doing your job with all your heart and soul. I see it in your daughter's heart and soul. Be at peace with that one, at least.

  2. That looks like a fabulous performance. And your daughter is beautiful


  3. Ms. Moon, this warms and calms my heart and soul. bless you.

    Michelle, it was amazing. you would have loved it, i think. thanks for the sweetness about my girl.