Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Such a hard day. So much turmoil among the humans in the maze. Brain chatter at a crescendo. Heart pounding, fear acting like the prima donna of the show. What part of this is ego? What part fear? What part chemistry spilling red and sticky all over the floor? I wish I could pick these knotted threads apart, I kind of need to right this minute, so I can know how to proceed.


  1. I hear you Angela. Take a deep breath and it will be OK.

  2. Angella, dear, step away from it for a minute, two or five. Wash your face and run cold water over your wrists. Can you walk around the block? Just step awy and you will return to yourself. Deep breaths, as Maggie May says. Tell yourself for five minutes you will concentrate on what? A family photo on your desk? A pretty sky heading toward sunset. Or snow starting to fall. Watch one flake at a time until it disappears--follow it down the length of the window. Your brain and soul will sort itself out if you can find a way to quiet it. You're probably home now--shower. Cup of tea. Lie on the couch with a wet washcloth on your forehead. Except for salt water as a good gargle, those are the only remedies I can think of right now. All will be well, Angella. But ain't it awful to be in that neutron storm. xo

  3. I hear you and feel for you. A few deep breaths, some moments of mindfulness and quiet observation.

  4. i want to zoom to NY and help you out....

  5. oh.
    and yet, you write it so phenomenally.

  6. Baby doll- do you have any Ativan? Or a glass of wine? I know, I know, artificial calm but shitfire- when those crazy fear-chemicals in our bodies start taking over, they are so hard to overcome with just breath and thoughts.
    Well, for me.
    It WILL be all right.
    We are all loving you from wherever we are. We have been where you are. We know. And we are still here.

  7. Yes. We are still here.
    We breathe.
    We drink wine.
    And we are here.


  8. Sorry to hear about the turmoil, Angella. Come on, let's have a glass of wine together.

  9. Thank you all for being here, for reminding me to breathe. You mean so very much to me.