Friday, May 11, 2012


I am listening to Joe Scarborough minimize the historic proportions of President Obama's announcing that he is in favor of gay marriage on Tuesday, and Mitt Romney's leading a group of boys in bullying a student presumed to be gay during his prep school years. Yes, Joe is strenuously minimizing both events. I'm talking back at my television a lot this morning.

I suspect there was a political calculus involved in the fact that these two stories broke a day apart in Washington. Still, the fact that everyone in the press already believed that Obama supported gay marriage, does not negate the fact that he has now actually come out and said it. It is not a non-event as Joe Scarborough, wrapped in the Republican agenda, is arguing. Rather, it is a significant advance in the fight for equal rights. I got a little choked up, especially when Obama talked about his daughters having friends with devoted and committed same sex parents, and how his girls did not understand why their friends' parents should not have the same rights as other parents.

What is also a big deal is that Mitt Romney, candidate for president, believes his inciting a group of boys to pin a fellow student to the ground while Mitt chopped off his bleached blond hair, all this while the student cried and called for help, was merely a boyish prank. Worse, Mitt says he doesn't remember the incident, though the other men who participated clearly recalled it and were even haunted by it when interviewed by the Washington Post. Though Romney was 17 or 18 when it happened, he does not remember the time he humiliated a younger boy because he didn't like the way that boy walked and spoke and wore his hair.

What the hell? Who doesn't remember a thing like that? If Romney's really blank on the fact that he did this, then the man is worse than a bully. If the distress he inflicted on this victim was so lost on him that he didn't retain the incident, then the man is a sociopath. More likely, he's just lying, which carries its own appalling calculation. Does he really think claiming no memory of times he acted cruelly will exonerate him and put questions of character to rest? One more reason Obama is my president.


  1. Let me just say that Obama secured my vote after his interview earlier this week.
    See Angella, I contained myself for once.
    FYI,we are being interviewed, about out Immigration struggle, by PBS(In the Life)this afternoon. The program should air in August.
    Hopefully I can blog about it though next week. Unless our attorney says we can't, I'll bring up Obama's "revelation" during that interview.

  2. Good luck with the interview, Mark! xo

  3. I've had concerns about Romney's character before this incident came to light. He is plastic man, no heart, no soul, and now, we know that in addition to being a corporate bully, he was a personal bully as well. Taunting is one thing, but holding someone down and cutting their hair???? If he had merely participated, I'd be appalled, but he wielded the damn scissors. I can barely comprehend the detachment and cruelty. Like Oprah says, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    If Obama doesn't get reelected, I'm going to be so depressed I don't know what I will do. He's my man.

  4. I guess it's most likely a political lie to say that he can't remember it, but it seems like an ill-advised lie, since it doesn't look great to not remember a time when you were cruel to someone.

    What ugliness.

    Greg insists it's no big deal that our president came out in favor of gay marriage, because it's the right thing and correct and should be expected of any liberal democrat, but it really IS a big deal of unprecedented, historic proportions.

    Good for him :)

    Mark, I look forward to seeing the interview!

  5. Yes. And also buried in that Post article is how Romney mocked a near-blind teacher, a disabled person. Lovely.

  6. what ate at me - eats at me - is the not-remembering part. if it's not true it's a stupid lame lie since he'd allowed it was possible he'd done it.

    but it really, really, really, really, REALLY bothers me that he may not actually remember this? what? how could you be human and not remember THAT?

    so chilling...

    anyway. i'd never vote for him. obama had my vote four years ago for as long as he could give the job a try. i put my trust in him.

  7. I just got off Facebook and I instantly wanted to click "like" on this post. Thank you for posting and for your kind, loving spirit. xo

  8. Mitt's a liar. I'm sure he remembers it.

    As for Joe, the Republicans HAVE to say something to minimize Obama's comments, otherwise they'd be admitting that it's a huge step forward for civil rights -- which negates their anti-gay philosophy.