Monday, May 7, 2012

School's Out

My daughter texted me last Friday afternoon. "I'm done with high school ma!" she wrote. She had just ended her last class and now has no further commitment other than AP exams tomorrow, then prom and graduation. And of course, her internship, which starts today. For the month of May, she will be working at an Italian cafe that gets rave reviews for its authentic country cuisine. She just walked out of here, calling over her shoulder, "I'm off to my first day of work, Ma!" For some reason that struck us as funny and we laughed. But now I'm alone in the quiet house, the last one to leave in the mornings as usual, and all I can think is how crazy it is that my years of raising her (never of mothering her) are at an end. My hope for her is so simple: That life continues to hit her funny bone, and that she never loses that light she has, that readiness to laugh. I'm thinking that if we can meet life laughing, most other things can be managed.

She thinks she looks sad here. I think she just looks discerning. Or maybe she's thinking, Another picture mom? Really? We were on a college tour last fall.


  1. Beautiful. She looks so open.

  2. Since we're not allowed to tap our wands and start everything over again once they graduate, I'd like you to know that children like your son and daughter are the kind of young people to whom I feel comfortable handing over the world.

  3. Great advice. She has a good mom.

  4. She IS light and as such, will remain so.
    What a wonderful job you have done of raising AND mothering.
    And really? You're never done with either.

  5. You're killing me with this. Stop.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. Ditto Glenn. She is beautiful and strong. You must be so proud so entirely proud. I am and I don't even know her. You did a good job. You are fantastic to have raised such children.

  7. Kristin, that openness, that's what I pray she keeps. thank you.

    Glenn, your lips to God's ear. Let's keep those fingers crossed!

    Andrea, thank you, but too much credit by far. i've come to believe that all parents are hanging on for dear life and winging it. sometimes we get lucky.

    Ms. Moon, never done with mothering, but raising too? that's a comfort, actually.

    Mark, I can't stop! I have to process!!!

    Rebecca, you know the phrase a credit to their parents? she is a credit to me, in that i get all this credit that is not truly deserved. she came here the way she is. she makes me believe in past lives, because she has a wisdom that didn't come from this life here. shhh. don't tell anyone i entertain such things.

  8. angella, i just love that picture of her when she was little; the orange and turquoise; those wise eyes, always that aura of competency. you can see it. congratulations to her! on to the next adventure...