Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Me: We have to talk.

Him: Never a good opener.

Me: The other day you said I was so OCD I couldn't leave the house in the mornings without cleaning up the kitchen. Like it was a bad thing.

Him: I never said that.

Me: You did say that.

Him: I never said it was a bad thing.

Me: But you did. Your tone implied it was a bad thing, and now I notice in the mornings when I'm cleaning up the kitchen, I'm feeling a little resentful. And I don't want to feel resentful. I want to feel virtuous, like I'm doing something good for our family.

Him: Feel virtuous, baby. Oh, please feel virtuous. You're doing a very good thing and we do appreciate it.

I couldn't help smiling, imagining that this was the kind of playful but grown up, state-your-needs conversation that Eric and Tami Taylor would have. Except I never heard them talk about cleaning up the kitchen. Doesn't matter. I've just cleaned up the kitchen. All surfaces are sparkling. And I do feel virtuous.

Did I mention I love Friday Night Lights? I'm watching it again with my daughter.


  1. I haven't watched that show, but I can completely relate to cleaning the kitchen. If the kitchen is clean, the whole house looks cleaner, right? It just makes me feel better.

    Greg, giving me a kiss on the top of my head: I'm sorry you've been so stressed lately, sweetie.

    Me: Yeah, but at least our kitchen is really clean.

  2. Hmmmm. I'm not too bad at Kitchen tidiness; it's the rest of the house that gives me trouble.

  3. That's so funny. My daughter Lily has just fallen in love with this and has watched it. I guess I need to as well, huh?

  4. Wait! Are you trying to trick me into watching football? Not cool, Angella.
    But I live for clean uncluttered counter tops!

  5. Love this exchange.

    I haven't watched that show, but I fell in love with Kyle Chandler waaaay back when he was on the show Homefront. I need to get that on DVD.

  6. I could use a little kitchen OCD. I'm shocked at the level of clutter I've become accustomed to. I keep thinking I can be neat as a pin when I'm empty nesting, because the kids will be off on their own too soon...

    Friday Night Lights. What a great show. Clear eyes, full hearts!! My husband, son and I never missed an episode. For some reason, daughter never got hooked. We miss that show so much! Enjoy.

    After our FNL withdrawal, we appeased ourselves with the entire collection of Sports Night on Netflix. It was a surprise how much our 17 year old son loved that show too. Again, withdrawal.

    Happy watching :)

  7. My kitchen is overrun with ants at the moment so it's driving me nuts! Not so much OCD as PTSD I think. Help!

  8. dagonit, i need to rent this from netflix

  9. Funny! And I can relate. I get teased all the time for my attentive housekeeping. I just roll my eyes and think, "You should thank your lucky stars, buddy."

  10. I'm taking credit for turning you on to that, no?