Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lovely All Around

It started at midnight when my niece posted the first happy birthday message on my Facebook wall. All day the love notes kept scrolling up my wall. And here on this blog, the happy birthday comments from you wonderful readers kept coming. Meanwhile, my girl had made me delicious lemon meringue cupcakes, my man brought home luscious pink roses and made shrimp and pasta for dinner, and at the door when he came home was a vase of flowers nestled in pink and green tissue and ribbons all around, a happy birthday balloon floating above. It was on the table when I got home from work and my husband said, "That came for you." Who on earth sent me flowers, I wondered as I opened the card. They were from my son! Along with a box of chocolates hidden inside the wrapping and the happy birthday balloon. My daughter said, "Aw, my brother is 20 years old," meaning, My brother is growing up and doing things that men do. These lovely people, they made my day.


  1. And this, sweet mama, is exactly the kind of love that you deserve. Those flowers from your boy warmed my heart.

  2. Now THAT is how you celebrate a birthday! A birthday is a fantastic time to spread a little love. You have made me excited to celebrate mine in 6 months.

  3. Sounds like a perfectly special day! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Such a beautiful celebration for a beautiful woman.

  5. Wishing you the best of all lemon-meringue, pink-roses birthdays possible!


  6. ack!!!!!!!!

    I am so so sorry I missed this !

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday you incredible woman you!


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