Monday, May 7, 2012


Even though my body is planted in this mesh ergonomic chair in a midtown Manhattan office, my spirit is at home with my daughter, who, after having an unexpectedly early release from work, is now ensconced inside a tent of blankets and cushions that she's constructed over the couch, from which perch she is watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

It's no contest, really. That is where I'd like to be at this moment. But then, how luxurious must it feel to her to be home alone, no homework or school or social demands, just her and the blankets draped over chairs, cosy under her tent with the soap opera unfolding in a small Texas town.

Panthers win! Panthers win! 

Makes me smile just to picture it.


  1. Makes me smile, too. Don't you know she is HAPPY???!!!

  2. I envy your rapport. I love my daughter too, madly but she is a bit prickly around me and so I've learned to give her space. How I wish she would run to me the way she used to.

    thank you for allowing us into your world. always i feel that way.


  3. Ms. Moon, may it ever be so! xo

    deirdre, my son tends to be more prickly with me, although i think all children get prickly with mothers, especially besotted ones, from time to time. i do believe your girl will run to you again. kisses.