Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Don't do what you're doing, my husband said. You're spinning a story.
Can't you see where this is going? I insisted.
No, he said. I don't know what comes next. Let's just see what happens.

I have never managed the unknown very well.
I keep trying to spin that story, so I can know how it ends.
But my husband is a good man in a storm.
People call him chief or captain or admiral.
I have always understood why.

All the same I fantasized about solving it.
What is it about melancholy boys, I asked my friend.
Sad boys connect more, she said.
My friend is a head doctor and knows.

A long time ago, a wise woman told me to teach my daughter
that love is not a feeling of churning angst.
Love is a feeling of deep ease.
Love is a feeling of deep ease.

(This is not a poem)